Exercise 1.4 Frame

Take a good number of shots, composing each within a single section of the viewfinder grid.  Don’t bother about the rest of the frame.

When you review the shots, evaluate the whole frame, not just the part you’ve composed.  Select some of the images you feel work individually as compositions and also as a set.  Add them to your learning log together with technical information such as camera settings, and one or two lines containing your thoughts and observations.

I shot these images around the grounds of my home in France, with the key subject of the photo placed in a different part of the viewfinder grid each time. I quite like the way they work individually, and as a group, although I find the images of windows work least well.

This exercise has made me more aware of how important the position of the subject in relation to the frame is. I will certainly be bearing this in mind in future, taking time to plan and frame the image correctly rather than shooting willy nilly, something of which I am often guilty.


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